President’s Message


Image of Dr. Tom Wakefield
Dr. Tom Wakefield, President

“Let the Love of Learning Rule Humanity”

Welcome to the YSU Chapter 143 of Phi Kappa Phi website!

I hope you will take time to explore the site and see the many reasons why our Chapter, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, is nationally recognized as one of the most engaged and active chapters in the country. As the largest and most inclusive honor society on campus, our student, faculty, and staff members organize service activities and engagements that exemplify the Society’s motto “Let the love of learning rule humanity.”

Inducted into PKP as an undergraduate at YSU, I am forever grateful to the Society for funding that supported my graduate education with the PKP Graduate Fellowship, and further learning through the Love of Learning Award. I am one of many YSU student members who have been recognized and financially supported for additional education. Most recently, Rocco Bruno, a Spring 2023 graduate and PKP member, was awarded the prestigious Marcus L. Urann award, which will provide him a $20,000 fellowship for graduate school! In addition to national awards and fellowships, our Chapter sponsors scholarships and essay contests for YSU students to promote their scholarship and recognize their academic excellence. Please take a look, and if eligible, apply!

The YSU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi continues to offer its members opportunities for fellowship and service. Please join us at one of our semester luncheons to learn more and get involved and contact me if you have any questions about the Society or the YSU Chapter.

Tom Wakefield, President

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